Advanced Product and Service Solutions

Ship Repair and Maintenance
barge dry dock

Structural and Sheet Metal Repair

C&N Universe has an extensive and consistent history of quality and on-time ship repair services.

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Structural Panels and Installation

Nomex and Honeycomb Bulkhead Panels

Lightweight and durable panel solutions for marine vessel structural elements such as bulkheads and false decking.
Also suitable for interior structural design for recreational vehicles.

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Ventilation Work
Ventilation Work

Ventilation Repair and Installation

Ventilation installation and repair to suit all your needs. From dealing with rust, to brand new installations.

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exterior repairs

Submarine Repairs, Maintenance, and Installations

We bring our history of quality work to submarines, and can handle:
• Repair and maintenance of the vessel
• Ventilation work
• Cyber and Systems Engineering (CSE)

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C&N Universe | Always Dependable, Scalable, On Time

Since its founding in 2004, C & N Universe, Inc. has earned a reputation as a leader in the industry. We are a full service ship maintenance and repair company with a no job too big or small mentality while always focusing on delivering quality work. We have a very simple philosophy, that is to give exceptional service to our customers in order to keep our customers. We keep this high focus on quality and customer satisfaction as we offer innovative and technically advanced products that are in line with our philosophy and belief in excellence.

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