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C&N’s services include the management, modification, repair and improvement of U.S. government facilities and naval vessels – that are important to the customer and, as well, to the company. We insist on going the extra mile with every facility and vessel we service to ensure that they are flawless, dependable, perform with the utmost effectiveness, and meet contractual requirements over the long-term.

C&N Universe, Inc. is committed to establishing , implementing and maintaining a Quality Management System and continually improving its effectiveness in accordance with customer requirements. Our objective is to provide excellent product, service, and customer satisfaction.

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"Quality of Life" Upgrades

Bettering conditions for on premises living

ABS Certified Welders

Certified FCAW-SA S-1 to S-1 Pipe
Certified FCAW-SA Ordinary strength & higher strength hull structural steel plate

Electrical Repair and Maintenance

Full spectrum marine electrical services from high voltage to data wiring to include SIPRNET/NIPRNET and wireless LAN upgrades

Structural and Sheet Metal Repair

U.S. Navy ship and submarine repair, fabrication and installation to include joiner doors, false bulkheads, ventilation ducting and NOMEX flooring

Steel, Aluminum and Brazing Welding

Certified to Military Standards, FCAW, SMAW, Brazing, Non-Critical Stainless and Non-Critical Aluminum

Facility Security Program Operating Manual

Certified with clearance to operate onsite repairs and standards

Contract Awards Completed

C&N has a wide range of technical capability

The C&N focus on contract and customer requirements and objectives, dedicated administration of staffing and security administration requirements assures timely, uninterrupted performance. These same attributes contribute to our capability to maintain and reinforce approved procedures and certificates while successfully maintaining strong relationships with the customer and our partners, subcontractors and supplier team members. These unflinching focal points are the keys to our successful corporate performance philosophy. The C&N corporate ethos has resulted in our ability to attract and retain staff and long-term partners, subcontractors and suppliers necessary to preserve Navy confidence that performance requirements will be met.

Provide depot level repairs, interior & exterior preservation, barge modernization upgrades (e.g. steam to electric conversion, SIPRNET/NIPRNET/Wireless LAN upgrade) dockside and dry dock services for U.S. Navy Berthing and Messing Program. Performed deep cleaning and sanitation of all ventilation ducting, air diffusers, Gaylord Systems, galley equipment, locksmithing services, messing, berthing, showers and heads.

The primary purpose is to accomplish a broad range of ship repair for MSC vessels to include welding, machinist work, electrical work, lagging renewal, mobile crane service, rigging service, scaffolding, ventilation system cleaning, ventilation ducting fabrication and installation.
We perform structural work on Navy vessels in and around the San Diego area. Structural work includes shop fabrication, removal, installation, and all support requirements. IDIQ requires fabrication to prints for removal and installation, and includes fire watch, electrical, plumbing, ship fitting, rigging, cranes, paint, abatement/containment, safety, quality, and HAZMAT/environmental factors.
Steel Non-critical
Stainless Steel Non-critical
Aluminum Non-critical
The primary purpose is to provide labor, services, equipment, and materials for the repairs, replacement, fabrication and installation work onboard U.S. Navy Ships and U.S. Berthing Barges to include interior Nomex deck covering, welding, structural, machinist work, removal and installation of lagging, vent ducting fabrication and install and ventilation system cleaning.
The primary purpose is to accomplish Depot Level Maintenance and Repair Availabilities for submarines home ported or visiting San Diego. Work tasked shall be in the forward compartment forward of frame 50 for 688 class submarines and for Virginia and Trident class submarines, work tasked shall be forward of containment area. The types of work/tasks include but are not limited to the following. Sheet Metal Services, Upholstery/Embroidery Services, Locksmith Services, Interior Decking Services (PRC, Vinyl Tile, Carpet and Electrical Grade Matting), Staging with Environmental Wrap, Plastisol Services, Decorative Wall Coverings, Tank Cleaning Services forward of Frame 50 and Pier Side Support Services to include Diesel Generators, Reefer/Freezer, HPAC/LPAC and Air Dryers.
C&N Universe is a nationwide distributor, fabricator, and installer of U.S. Navy approved Nomex deck panels. C&N Universe has Nomex panel inventory, workshop, and labor resources to immediately replace or upgrade shipboard false decking to the currently approved blue/gray matrix finish. All Nomex decking is designed and fabricated in accordance with current U.S. Navy Nomex regulations.

C&N Universe is also a distributor of False Deck Screws and False Deck Ferrules. All screws and ferrules follow U.S. Navy regulations and are approved for use on U.S. Navy ships.
Provide upholstery (Naugahyde) work to include seat and bench covers, torpedo room curtains and mess deck, CPO and wardroom table top covers. Fabrication work to include dog shacks and brow banners with embroidery work with ships logo and insignia sewn on. Digital logo printing services are also provided.
Deep cleaning of ventilation supply system and exhaust system, as well as galley hood/Gaylord system for Navy vessels in all locations in the Pacific region. Buildup of grease throughout the ventilation system over the years is a fire hazard and health hazard. These systems control qualities of breathing air and protect personnel and sensitive equipment from potentially hazardous airborne contaminants, fires, explosions, and excessive heat.
C&N's welders are ABS certified for pipe and plate welding. C&N is also certified for Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum welding.